The server will get one (1) point for each option bellow

  • For each day uptime
    Only for the 100% uptime / one day (24h) interval, if you have 99,99% uptime one day you will lose the 'point'.
  • For every unique player that join the server
  • For each different map that has been played on the server
The rank is ordering the servers like this
  • Uptime [DESC]
  • Players Average [DESC]
  • Maps [DESC]
  • The order is not relevant.

The rank will reset every year in the first month example: 01/01/2025

Q & A

After you pass another server by Players Average then you need to get more points for the other ranks, list above.
Ex. The #1 Server has 32 Players Average, your server has also 32 but you are on the #2 place 'Why? :(' because the #1 it has more points than you on the other ranks.

(Q) What happen if a server of 24 slots (max) it has Players Average '24' and a server of 32 slots (max) it has Players Average 23?
(A) The server with the higher average in this case 24 players will show first.

(Q) What happen if my server has the same Players Average with other servers?
(A) In this case the rank will pass to the next step and you need to get points to the other ranks.

(Q) Boots are accepted to increase in rank?
(A) Not, we are working to detect all of the bots and if we detect that you are doing this on purpose your dns, ip, account will be banned forever.